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    New to Naruto? Well, not to worry! This section holds the very basic information regarding the series, characters, plotand so on. Feel free to read the following just to find a better grasp of the storyline.

  INTRODUCTION General information about naruto.
  STORYLINE Story summary and the basic premisis.
  TERMINOLOGY Learn the vocabulary, abbreviations and other neat stuff!


    So, what exactly is KibaHina? It's the first four letters of the character's names, Kiba and Hinata. So combined together its: KibaHina. Cute right? It's the shipping term most of us like to use. If you happen to wonder why this underdog pairing is my second Naruto OTP, feel free to read below to your hearts content. Keep in mind, however, that the essays and opinion peices here are MY OPINION, so if you happen to disagree, thats fine (just please don't flame me for having my own opinion, alright?). Other than that, have a happy browsing! :D

  THE SHY GIRL Hyuuga Hinata
  THE DOG BOY Inuzuka Kiba
  UNDERSTANDING Why I think theres a bond there.
  THERE FOR YOU Because Kiba actually cares.
  CONCLUSION Why this pair is my 2nd Naruto OTP.
  THE FANDOM Learn about the KibaHina fandom!

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