welcome, one and all!

    Welcome, visitor, to Kawaii the TAFL approved fanlisting and soon-to-be tribute to the adorable Sakashita Yuzuyu, from Yoko Maki's hit series, Aishiteruze Baby. This fanlisting was adopted from Klyara, who graciously let me take over. Navigation is at your right. You are more than welcomed to browse around to your liking, and find anything that intrests you. Please do enjoy yourselves while your here, and if you happen to be a fan of this charming young lady, you can read the rules, grab a code and join the fanlisting!

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Kawaiiis maintained and © to Dana. A Rumbling Romance Network production. This is not an official website and I am not affiliated with Yoko Maki or any of the other creators. This is just a fan effort. Aishiteruze Baby © Yoko Maki. All rights reserved.