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  Welcome visitor! You're currently viewing loveblade.org, otherwise known as the Rumbling Romance Network, a domain that belongs to a fangirl who has way too much time on her hands. This place is basically her little corner on the interwebs where she expresses her loves towards her favorite fandoms. This is also her second domain that she owns to date which serves as her personal site collective, where she mainly houses her fanlistings.

  There really isn't much to look at over here. I have no desire whatsoever to expand this domain into anything more than what it is. Thats why I recommend visiting other lovely websites that I've listed at the bottom of this page instead. Thank you! ♥

UPDATE LOG: Dec 3rd, 2014



websites I own and maintain on this network

  These are the websites I currently own and maintain. They're mostly fanlistings, so you're not really going to find a variety of sites here because I don't have that kind of time anymore. Also most of these subjects hold a lot of sentimental value to me, so having a KIM list is completely out of the question. I already have owners in my mind for them if I ever do decide to adopt them out.


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